Bento No.5

I had such a yummy Bento today, with the most easiest maki rolls ever!!

I am so proud of myself!! I made sushi rice last night, with a simple soy, sesame and ginger stir fry (with veg and chicken), but of course I made enough rice for todays bentos 😀

What I did with the leftover rice is the genius thing 😉

I love making sushi, and my partner loves cucumber maki. But, I am a little bit impatient when it comes to rolling the damn rice and cucumber up!!! And I don’t have a knife that is good/sharp enough to slice the maki well.

Back to the genius that is me.

I used a cookie cutter/sandwich cutter to mould the rice. I had a small round cutter, that was quite tall (for maki) but so easy to use!

I stuffed the rice and cucumber slices in the cookie cutter while it was placed on a chopping board, squishing the rice down to make it compact, then i gently pushed the nori-less maki out. Then I wrapped it in cut strips of nori 😀 ta da! Slightly large, but still gorgeous cucumber maki!!

I feel so amazing because I crave these things almost daily and mow I have a super easy solution!!

Here is my bento I made with the maki:

Giant Maki!!

There wasn’t much room for anything else in my bento box with all those maki! The lunch doesn’t look like much but remember those maki are twice as tall as normal maki, and at least 50% wider 🙂 yummy!

Here’s a picture of the top of my Hello Kitty lunchbox that I promised:

Bad picture! Taken in the office with bad lighting :S

Try the maki making idea!! I was so impressed with how little hassle it was compared to rolling it in the sushi matt D:

Have you found new ways of creating things (not just food) that is completely different from how it was ‘meant’ to be done?


2 thoughts on “Bento No.5

  1. I really should sushi-fy my leftover rice more often! this looks yummy!

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