First Bento Post!!

I know I have stated in this blog that I am obsessed with Japanese food and Bento, but I have yet to post anything bento-related! This is mostly down to the bentos being eaten before I remember to take a picture of them, or I do not deem them anything spectacular enough to warrant showing off.

However, I remembered to take photos of my not-so-amazing bentos this morning 😀 (go me!). So, in the picture below, we have the bf’s bento. Simple sushi rice with furikake (nori, sesame seed and bonito), little bottle of soy sauce, with a side of tuna and cherry tomatoes (on a little heart pick, which you can;t quite see). He also had other lunchbox items (outside of the bento box) that included a small quinoa salad, for an afternoon snack, Barbecue flavour japanese rice crackers, 2 homemade mini-muffins (with apple and pear in) fruit and a Fluffernutter mini-sandwich (fluffernutter is the name given to the peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich filling).

This bento box (which includes a fork, spoon, food cover and clear lid) was purchased in Paperchase a while ago. We have matching ones 😀Image

The next picture is my bento for today 🙂 Again, it contains the sushi rice with furikake and soy sauce (in a fish!!), tuna, and veg scramble (egg, broccoli and tomato). I am trying to get my protein intake up as I really like fruit and veg, and forget to eat all the protein that I should be :O. I also had a pot with diced apple and pear with plain, low fat, greek yoghurt, banana and a Strip-Cheese 😀

My bento box for today is my Hello Kitty box 😀 (I forgot to take a picture of the lid 😦 The top is pink and it is such a cute sized box.

ImageNow I can officially state that I do make and LOVE bento and I hope this is a start of me remembering to take photos of my delicious creations.

Talking of delicious creations. The lunches today were with yesterdays leftover rice.

Below is my dinner yesterday 🙂 sushi rice, with furikake, cucumber salad, and hotdog octopi! I ate all the hotdogs :O oops!

ImageSpeak soon 🙂 x

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8 thoughts on “First Bento Post!!

  1. kiisu23 says:

    I just bought a paperchase bento the other week!! They’re great! Although the design is kinda girly… Says the boy who likes Hello Kitty :/

  2. xoxbekxox says:

    Looks yummy! So what is a bento box exactly? Does the bento describe what’s in the box? Or the box itself?! I’m such a newbie to the bento box world! Haha

    • A bento box is basically a lunchbox. Bentos are common in Japanese cuisine and you can get them from most take-out places in Japan (although it’s not as common in the UK). Bento also includes the art of kyaraben which literally means “character bento.” It’s usually where mothers (or fathers) make their children an extra special bento that contains food in the shape of their favourite cartoon characters or animals. I have yet to master the art of character bentos, but I do love most Japanese dishes. Look up bentos on Google, there are loads of examples of cute and different bentos 🙂

  3. cloudwhales says:

    awesome! 🙂 As a college student who sucks at cooking, these are really helpful :3

  4. […] down on it before I remembered to take a picture! The bf had exactly the same, but his was in a proper bento box :S bad me I […]

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